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If you’re looking to improve your job prospects and are in need of Business English sessions, then this group is for you. Dedicated to both professionals and students who need to improve their communication skills, we focus on all aspects of Business English including how to give effective presentations, interview training and writing effective CV’s.
Sessions take place once a week at our offices in Vauxhall and for convenience, these sessions are in the evening at 18.30-20.00.

Please look at our Meet up page for more details of our weekly lessons.


Who wants to be a billionaire? I do!

The University of Mumbai is not the first university that springs to mind when you consider the top universities world-wide, yet, in terms of producing the highest number of billionaires, this university ranks number 9 in the league table.

According to a global census of dollar billionaires, which studied the wealth and background of more than 2,300 of them, they are much more likely to be graduates, with a quarter having postgraduate degrees and more than one in 10 having a doctorate.

To find out the name of the university which produces the most billionaires, check out this article below.

Is there any point in using course books in EFL lessons?

At Interlanguage, we very rarely use EFL course books, for several reasons:

The content can be very ‘dry’ i.e. dull and factual.
The content doesn’t reflect ‘real-life’ situations, therefore, they feature situations, dialogue and speaking expressions/phrases which native English speakers, just do not say. When was the last time you said ‘The dog went up the hill yesterday’ to demonstrate the past simple tense?
There is far too much focus on grammar, and not on the other, more essential skills, namely, spoken fluency.

The success of Codecademy

In case you needed more proof of how important education is, read this article about Zach Sims and his company Codecademy, which enables users to learn six popular programming languages, via a simple interface, for free, and now has 26 million students!

Interview Training Workshop for Business Schools – Next date TBC

We are holding our next half day workshop titled ‘Effective Interview Training’, date and time TBC at our Southbank office. This workshop will give you the best advice and support on how to master your B-school interview.

Business School interview training- 3 essential tips for success

Having conducted interview training for students wishing to do a post-graduate course, we at Interlanguage have been able to put together a list of the most important tips and advice which will help you nail the interview, whether it’s for your EMBA, MBA or SLOAN Masters.

Language Training in London

London is an exciting place in which to live and study. If your studies are taking you to London and possibly bringing your family with you. Interlanguage is here to help you make your move as smooth as possible.

Post graduate interview training sessions

A key part of our training is our Post graduate interview training sessions in which students are coached to improve their interviewing techniques to increase their chances of successful admission.