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Our mission is to provide the perfect solution that will deliver your training goals within budget and on time. We will create a bespoke language training solution to meet your corporate and individual needs.

Workshops are usually intimate groups; this provides a new perspective for training. These sessions provide candidates with an opportunity to participate in group discussions with other individuals that they may not usually come into contact with in their everyday working life. Candidates can either join one of our scheduled sessions, or your chosen workshop can be arranged at your workplace.

Interview training for Business School

This workshop is specifically designed to cater for the individual or a small group of people who are looking to enhance their interviewing techniques to give the participant/s the edge over other candidates. Applying to a business school is a very competitive process and we understand how important it is to be successful in the interview so we carry out intense training on aspects including the most common (and not so common) interview questions, enhancing communication skills and how to ‘sell’ yourself and your achievements. We follow this up by completing a mock interview which we film and discuss. Please note that these workshops are for ALL MBA interviews.

Case-study analysis

In this intensive workshop, you will discuss relevant company specific case studies and material that will improve workplace effectiveness. This includes looking at the issues, developing and evaluating strategies and discussing possible recommendations.


In everyday working life we are required to read a lot of material, therefore it is essential that you have the ability to read quickly to improve productivity, time management and confidence. This workshop will help you read with greater speed and fluency implementing very useful tips and techniques. The result will be that reading faster will draw your mind and thoughts into the text and as a direct result, your focus and comprehension will automatically increase.

Writing Skills

Another key skill is the ability to write effective essays, reports, emails and other documents. This workshop focuses on not only the grammatical aspect of writing, but also your analytical skills including how to skilfully present an argument.

Presentation Skills

For managers and entrepreneurs alike, it is essential to be able to give convincing and impressive presentations. At Interlanguage, we look at the key factors in giving a presentation including preparation, useful techniques and presentation structure.

Core vocabulary

This workshop looks at useful vocabulary that you will encounter in your workplace. It can be tailored to your specific industry and can also include vocabulary associated with finance and accounting, economics, business, management and sales and marketing.

Cross-cultural communication

We will look at the importance of cross-cultural communication based on research conducted in seventy countries for more than 30 years. Topics explored include collectivism versus individualism, organisational cultures versus national cultures and the importance of high context and low context language.

Interlanguage Pitch Best (One-to-one)

Namita Kapila, the Director of Interlanguage, has personally developed a strategy called Interlanguage Pitch Best. This teaches the techniques involved in pitching both yourself as an individual, and your company. This is an intense two hour one-to-one workshop where you will learn essential techniques to assist you when networking, raising finance and communicating your vision clearly and effectively.

About This Course

Hours of study:Monday to Sunday 8am – 10pm
Study options:Not applicable
Group size:As required (Recommended maximum 8 per group)
Start date:Ongoing
Course duration:As required
Age range:Adults 18+ years
Ideal for:Everyone
Course fees:Book as an individual £280
Book as a group £550 (maximum 6 participants)

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